Picture your flat roof
business or commercial facility
with dry floors, stain-free ceilings
and not one bucket anywhere in

     Picture a rainy day where
maintenance isnít being called out
to chase a leak, make a rubber
roof repair or replace ceiling tiles.
Or worse, having to pay inflated
service fees for a contractor to
come out and do it for you!

     And imagine a day not receiving
calls from angry, frustrated tenants
every time it rains because their
roof is leaking again and is ruining their inventory, floors, computers, etc.

           No, this is not a dream.  Actually, it could be very real!!

     We do not dabble in flat roofs. The only thing that we do, 52 weeks a
year, is install, repair and maintain flat roof and low-slope roof
systems.  Much of the work we do is for business owners and commercial
property managers all over the state. Some of the things they like about
working with us include:

1.  Peace of mind knowing their roofs are well taken care of
2.  Our reliable, responsive and professional crew and support staff
3.  The durable, maintenance free roof systems we install
4.  The most comprehensive warranties available in the flat roof industry
5.  Our ability to go pretty much anywhere in Michigan to service their roofs

     You may already have a good roofing contractor. If so, thatís great. We
know how difficult it can be to find a good one - especially if they provide
the above-mentioned services. If not, or if your current roofing contractor is
soaking you more than the rain is soaking your facilities, we definitely need
to talk - especially if you need a roofing estimate. Call us anytime at
989-779-0138 or toll-free at 866-GO-OTTER.
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Our energy-efficient WHITE membrane will make your roof "GREEN!"
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  Top 12 things our customers like about Otterskin Roof Gear

1. Top-quality materials with excellent, reliable workmanship

2. Quick response to your calls and you'll rarely get voice-mail

3. Most comprehensive warranty in the flat roof industry

4. Licensed, insured and bonded

5. Our work results in dry floors and stain-free ceilings

6. Prompt and accurate estimates and communication

7. Core samples verify existing roof condition - no surprises

8. No interruptions to your business' daily operation

9. Very energy efficient roof systems installed

10. Commercial, flat & low-slope roof specialists

11. Authorized Duro-Last Elite Master Contractor

12. Free estimates and references available upon request
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